Thursday, January 17, 2013

so there goes another year

Obviously my imagination isn't that great... I don't remember this entire past year except it was all migraine and allergy problems. August through October was one constant Migraine, the back of my head just constantly hurt. It only stopped after my week in San Diego (first week of November). As soon as I got back to Oklahoma I got sick and have only had four days I can remember that I actually felt good since.
Benadryl, Pseudoephedrine, Zyretec, Claritin, 4 different nasal sprays, antibiotics 4 different times for sinus infections and still no relief. In fact it has only gotten worse. Just got special allergy detergent and spray that apparently I am allergic to... :-(
I just don't even know what my options are anymore...
Have to move, but do I rent workshop space, buy a small condo that I can HEPA filter or move to San Diego? I can't afford to do what I want, and can't think clear enough to work for it.
How can I survive another year of this?