Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Give me a piece of that Kit Kat bar

Nothing is special. Everything is a waste. I seem to only come here when I'm severely pissed off at the world. <:-( What the hell!!! I am so tired of living in boring Oklahoma... It just feels like all the creativity is censored to an inkling and then you are yelled at by christians till you don't want to leave the house anymore. I'm just ranting, but at least I can get some of this out.

I want someone special in my life but the guys I like either don't like me or live 1000 miles away. I'm about to turn 40 and have been single for way to long. My car is about to blow up and I just started paying on my student loans so a new car is out for now. I did get a nice raise at work but how long till I get bored/tired of dealing with that? Hopefully a long time because I really do like the people I work for. The job itself... well I'm dealing with it for now.

Maya Angelou is in the background telling me how grateful I am for what I do have and what I can achieve if I get to work. Work hard for everything and make it special.
Well then there is my health/energy level... Defiantly not enough energy for what I want to accomplish. Mornings are not my friend so getting started early is usually a flop. My allergy shots are helping with a lot this past year, not many migraines for once. I still get sick to easily and fatigue just stops me every evening.

Well, I need to turn my phone back on and stop ignoring all the people in my life. They have some weird quirks and it frustrating to deal with them. I just need/needed a break!

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  1. I should make myself write every time I take an instagram photo...