Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One of many wicked dreams I have

This is an old entry in my journal, among others that I need to post...

dated December 31, 2009 (Dream)
While suffering massive allergy attacks and the headaches that accompany them I got this song stuck in my head. The migraine and medications used to try and relieve it kept this song on a continuous loop while dreaming. "To France"- Mike Oldfield. Was such a vivid dream it took me a couple of days to shake it out of my head actually.

I started out flying over Paris... (my friend Beau was talking about spring break yesterday and Paris was the destination.) Flying above Paris in a helicopter and gazing down on it's black and white beauty amazed I was actually there. Everything was amazingly gorgeous of course. Except the river, I noticed it was full of trash. It ran brown-green with trash piled on the banks and floating through it. I said "Fly in closer, I can't believe this!" I was horrified and had to find out if what I was seeing was true.

So down closer to the river of cars, refrigerators and paper trash the water flowed fast. Then I was in it... bobbing past a car island and watching wood and paper pass me. The current was to strong to get to the shore and hold on. I remember kelp like plants that tried desperately to grasp me. There was also a bees nest floating on a kelp island that I came really close to smashing into and had to go under water to avoid. Somehow the bees survive just fine floating along and keeping house.

I floated swiftly and watched as Paris buildings passed me with the Ifle Tower in the distance. While floating among the trash I was still able to enjoy the architecture. I had to, who knew how long I would live in this.

Up in the distance I noticed one side of the bank was glimmering and shining. The shore was lined with hundreds of square bins that were full of diamond studded broaches and gold rings. Jewels of all kind each separated into a wooden bin. Some famous man lived here and lined the bank of the Seine with millions of dollars worth of jewels. The gardens where meticulously manicured behind his mansion. Must be Lagerfeld or some other designer just as amazing. This was his way of beautifying Paris and making up for all the trash. I'm just glad that bees nest stayed on the other side of the river from me, my allergies are bad enough with out them.

I had to work at Target early the morning of this dream with my head all stuffed up and hurting. My eyes all puffy and bloodshot. I'm sure I was late once again and that made me even more fustrated. So with "You'll never get to France" mocking me over and over in my head and visions of Lagerfeld's diamond lined river I folded cheap shirts. Absurd thoughts kept running in my head like all the jewels and no one stole them. Even worse, was someone employed to go out there and organize them everyday? Did they have planograms like we did at this crappy job showing the placement of each style of jewelry? What a nightmare, like this job...

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