Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rediscovering my imagination

Date 7-30-2010

Rediscovering my imagination,

So I have been in a rut that not even school could get me out of. I am either battling idiots at a supposedly stress free job or allergies that try to kill me. Finally Lady Gaga's concert came around and loved it so much my friend and I got tickets to her Dallas show. And even still I want to see her again and again. I have listened to nothing but her albums since. I have been put in a fantastic dream state that I don't want to end. I even tried to get my return flight from Orlando changed to Kansas City and catch her show there. Who cares if I had to walk back to Oklahoma City.

Even though I am so evoked by her dreamy show and story I have to force myself to listen to different music. I miss her! Her? Really? More like the freedom to scream my lungs out and jump till my legs hurt. Even as hard as it was to see over people on the crowded floor I was still mesmerized by the speckle.

Now I need to create! Keep the energy flowing into some creativity. Create high fashion costumes to wear at halloween at least. I have to keep that energy flowing over to my graphic design, stained glass and stop motion animation that I want to learn.

A goal (or dream) is to work for her some day creating an animation video for one of her songs. Just an album cover even... Which ever this little monster has some work to do. After this amazing summer of Gaga, Dallas, Orlando and making some amazing new friends it is achievable.

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