Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So school work is slowly getting me out of my rut, that and not working retail anymore. Thats a good move forward.
Today I looked up Nick Knight the photographer because I he did the Vanity Fair photo shoot of Lady Gaga a couple month ago, and wow I knew I loved him. :-) I remember seeing his photos in magazines years ago and having my breath taken away. That scene of fantasy dream land that first inspired me to be a photographer before I knew how to verbalize it... So that was inspiring to connect the dots of an old puzzle that I left unfinished years ago. Why do I not have a digital SLR yet??? man I am lagging. oh yeah, money!
Well it was nice to see the bit picture again... If it was brief and among a whirl wind of to-do's and homework. Join AIGA of Oklahoma, attend the Ok Ad club Career day next week... I just want to kiss my lover to the sound of Lady Gaga

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